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Gardening as a Relaxing Hobby for Hard-working Students

All students and especially those who are very hard-working know that intense study and course work can lead to fatigue and stress. This page of website wishes to aid students who are seeking for relaxation methods,

What Type of Soil Do Plants Grow Best In?

The soil type, texture and PH determine the quality of the vegetables and the products. Mainly, the soil is made of three components: sand, clay and salt. The perfect soil contains an equal amount of the three

Gardening Tools in Shed Every Home Gardener Needs

People who enjoy gardening as a hobby or even those who have ample experience on the subject, could benefit from a list of tools that are a “must-have” in any gardener’s shed. The information here does a

Gardening: Must-Have Plants in Your Home Garden

It is a known fact that the most hygienic, nutritious and delicious food is home grown food. If you are preparing to have a home garden, or if you already have one, then these are some of