Gardening Tools in Shed Every Home Gardener Needs

People who enjoy gardening as a hobby or even those who have ample experience on the subject, could benefit from a list of tools that are a “must-have” in any gardener’s shed. The information here does a good job at presenting some of the tools which professional gardeners could consider as “indispensable” and worthy to be owned by all gardeners.

Depending on their target application, the tools which gardeners use can be split into several categories, each one having a different purpose. The following section lists these categories and their different tools which are essential for all gardeners.

  • Digging tools: some of the most important tools in the arsenal of any gardener, these will enable people to prepare the ground for the seeds, remove unwanted weeds or organize the garden space. Here one can mention: small shovel, spade and trovel (for finer tasks);
  • Scraping tools: these will greatly help gardeners remove unwanted elements, sift through the dirt and better clean the grass or other low profile plants that might be present in any given garden. The rake and also hand fork are the most prominent tools in this category;
  • cutting-toolsCutting tools: having proper cutting tools is something of paramount importance in gardening, as struggling to cut weeds or trim plants with blunt knives or other poor quality tools can considerably diminish one’s enjoyment of the activity itself. The classic scissors, pruners and long-handled shears all make up the cutting tools arsenal, which can handle almost anything from a blade of grass to even thicker stems and twigs;
  • Carrying tools: how can one move the soil from one place to another if not by using buckets, or even better, a wheelbarrow, which make up the most used gardening tools for carrying purposes;
  • Special tools: here there are numerous tools which serve more specific purposes. For instance, the insecticide dispenser or the hoe, which allow gardeners to protect their plants or perform clearings with ease, respectively.