No Age Limit

Gardening does not require an age limit. One thing that all children enjoy across the world is getting their hands dirty, and what better way to get children’s hands dirty than in the garden?

Gardening will ensure your child does not only appreciate the goodness of nature, but they can produce their food. They will learn simple skills like watering the plants and pruning weeds or pouring seeds into the ground. Such skills may help them in the long run, whichever route they choose, be it soil engineering or farming.old-age-1147287_960_720

Gardening also provides vital life lessons for children. It teaches patience, discipline, and commitment. They learn that one cannot plant a seed today and expect a tomato tomorrow. Children also learn that life requires organization. Some activities need to be carried out at specific times, and they need to commit to those activities, e.g., watering the plants. Gardening gives children a sense of responsibility. While some kids may have pets that they feed and clean, your child may have a plant or a section of the garden. Urge them to take care of the plants and if they flourish you would reward them.

Spending time in the garden does not only provide a great bonding session. Children get a chance to be exposed to fresh air, which is good for their health. Spending time outdoors has been reported to reduce stress and boost the immune system. Staring at nature for a few minutes can reduce blood pressure. Staring at your garden may reduce your blood pressure as well as put a smile on your face and a grin of satisfaction.

It is because of its simplicity that the elderly also venture into gardening. It does not require any rigorous digging. However, if that were the case, there are machines and modern technology that make gardening as easy as dipping your fingers in the warm soil.