Producing Your Own Food is Cheaper

You may not be spending too much of your money on vegetables, but perhaps this is because you have never thought to calculate how much you do spend per week or month. The devil is in the details. The areas where you think you do not spend more money are the account drainers.

In some cases, the reverse is true. You rarely eat vegetables because you do not buy them, fearing they could be expensive.

The truth is that some vegetables are indeed expensive. That is why you need to have your solution right at the back of your house or outside your kitchen.

Anything that earns you an extra coin should be an adventure worth exploring. A small garden may not be a significant line of business, right? Wrong. Most companies started with a small step and a few customers. Everyone has to start somewhere, even you. Your first customers may be family, friends, or neighbors.4985322023_aecdb48f53_b

One thing that is bound to make your business flourish, whatever industry it may be, is a good reputation. Always remember to deliver what you promised. If the produce does not match the demands, ensure all customers are notified beforehand.

Running a business through gardening has its share of problems.

Gardening to make money requires adequate time. Plants cannot be produced en masse and neither can growth be hastened. Every step has to be thought out in detail. A small mistake like not watering them twice a day, or as required, may lead to losses, thus, lack of morale to keep the business open.

Business aspects like advertisement may pose a challenge. Selling vegetables may not make you enough profits to run a massive campaign. However, an ad on what you do and what products you sell does not need to be complicated. Social media has provided a free platform for small-scale businesses to run ads. All you need to do is take quality photos and post them on your timeline or page.