Simple Tools and Items to Use in Your Garden

  • Garden shovel

It helps you turn over the soil in small heaps. It is important to use a garden shovel with plants that are still weak. Ensure no rigorous turning is involved as this will weaken them. They may have stunted growth or die. Do not turn soil using a shovel for potatoes as they are tubers and require firm soil to flourish.

  • Gloves

A good pair is made of rubber or sturdy plastic. They ensure your hands are protected from the dirt and any harmful substances that may be in the soil. Some plants, like rose flower stems, may have thorns. Other plants may be dangerous to touch with bare hands or may cause irritation, like the stinging nettle.

  • Hoepalace_gardens

Unlike the garden shovel, use the hoe to turn over soil on big heaps. This is ideal for pruning or harvesting potatoes. Ensure you get one whose handle length is comfortable for you. If the handle is too short or too long, you will use more energy lifting it up or bending over forward to dig.

  • Watering can

This ensures you water your plants evenly. In case you do not have a watering can, you can improvise. Get a one-liter can and poke holes on the bottom. During use, pour water in it while holding up the can on top of the crops and watch it rain on your garden.

  • Gumboots

Like the gloves, these are meant to protect your feet, so you do not step on the soil or mud when the ground is wet. A good pair should be durable and waterproof. Having a reliable pair of gumboots on ensures your feet are safe from organisms or bacteria that may be in your garden.

  • Hat

You will only need a hat if your garden is located in an open area and you work mostly while the sun is scorching hot. The hat, naturally, protects your head and neck from the harmful effects of the sun. If you must wear a hat, make sure it is big enough to cover your head and neck.