Why is Gardening So Important?

  • Food security

Lack of food has been a problem that world leaders have tried to solve for a long time. Hunger has been linked to social ills and crime in general. Some 795 million people in the world today do not have food. You have a chance of producing your own and at a relatively small cost. Hunger and malnutrition have led to increased deaths and a variety of illnesses like scurvy, kwashiorkor, marasmus and rickets. Gardening ensures a group of people is assured of food, unlike statistics that indicate one in every nine people is facing starvation. Food security has become such a huge problem that projects like school feeding programs have been set up to give children food.


Gardening does not always have to be about providing food and making money. It could simply be done for pleasure. Gardening does not always have to involve food crops. You can have a garden for flowers only or grass varieties. Some people just like to walk into a greenhouse and prune the garden. You do not need to have tomatoes, kales or spinach. Gardening can be a hobby, something you do for fun and entertainment. A section of your land or a greenhouse can be a great space to breed plants that could be used for agricultural research as well.

  • ‘Hangry’ is a real thing

Were you ever in a bad mood and after eating your mood changed and you were suddenly very jovial? When you are ‘hangry,’ you are most likely to engage in risky behavior. Gardening ensures you, and other people that could get ‘hangry’ are well fed to avoid disaster.

Brain signals do not function normally when you are hungry. It is also for this reason that you are urged not to go shopping for household items on an empty stomach. You will end up buying food and food items. Who needs toilet roll when you can get ham? Metabolic processes and hunger affect brain systems.